■ If I want to retire halfway through the tour, can you pick me up?

If you are on the Izu Hakone Railway line, you can use the cycle train service to return to Kona Stay via Izu Nagaoka sta.  If we pick you up, we will do so for a fee.
■ Will you take care of punctures and breakdowns?

Yes, in the event of a vehicle breakdown, we will bring a replacement bicycle to replace it.
However, in the event of a puncture, negligent damage will incur an additional repair charge.
Puncture repair: JPY 2,500 Broken spoke: JPY 3,000 etc.
■ Can you help me if my battery runs out?

Yes, please contact us so we can replace the vehicle.
■ What are the traffic laws for bicycles?

1. Keep the left hand side of the LEFT LANE
2. No drunk driving
3. No parallel ride
4. No use mobile phone or headphones while ride
■ What should I do if the weather suddenly changes?
First, get to a safe place and wait for the weather to improve. In the unlikely event of a situation where you feel you are in danger, please contact us.
■ What should I do with my luggage if I want to shop on the way?

If you plan to shop, please bring a foldable backpack (available for loan at reception).
■ What clothes should I wear on the run?

Please refer to the illustration.
Good for cycling
Not good for cycling