Why Cycle Tourism?






How to Plan a Cycling Trip.

Interm. & above
① Select a level based on your fitness level.
Those who do not usually play sports and are not confident in your physical strength.
Those who must be physically fit enough to run lightly.
Those who usually play sports and have physical fitness.
② Determine the mileage (Recommended distance)
10 – 20km
6.2 – 12.4Ml
20 – 30km
12.4Ml – 18.3Ml
30 – 70km
18.3 – 43.5Ml
③ Decide on your destination
Panorama Park / Izu no Heso / Gateway Kannami
Shuzenji Temple / Numazu Port / La La La Sun Beach
Manjo Fall / Yugeshima /Oratche
Calculate the Cycling Time
Ex.) 10km at 5km/h
Calculate at an average speed of 5km/h
(actual speed is around 10km/h)
Calculate at an average speed of 8~10km/h
(actual speed is around 15~20km/h)
Calculate at an average speed of 10~15km/h
(actual speed is around 20~30km/h)
⑤ Select type of Bike
Cross Bike is recommended
eBike is recommended
Supplementary information.
1. As there are large differences in physical fitness in lower primary school children, set a course of no more than 5 km and increase the distance as you see fit.
2. The recommended distance varies according to the difference in altitude. The area towards Numazu and Mishima is relatively flat and therefore easy to run even over a distance, but the area towards Yugashima and the Nishi Izu Skyline has altitude differences, so care should be taken when deciding on the distance to be travelled.
3. It is easier to narrow down the route if you decide on the final destination as well as the rest points (convenience stores, cafés, restaurants, etc.) you will stop at along the way.
4. The average speed should be about half the actual driving speed. For an average adult, the actual running speed on flat roads is around 20-25 km. If you stop for a meal or at a café, add the stopover time to this.

5. The type of ride recommended depends on your fitness, destination and distance. If in doubt, use an eBike. Our eBikes are a well-balanced range of vehicles and, although there are some restrictions based on height and limb length, we have selected a range of vehicles that are easy to drive for a fairly wide range of people.

How to Decide the Route and Use the Navigation.

1. Launch the Goole Maps on your Phone.
2. Enter the final destination in the search window.
3. Press the Directions button.
4. Select the bicycle icon.
5. Enter transit points (press the three dots in the top right corner to add stops).
6. Press the Start button.
How to use the Google Maps

How to use the map offline